CHIPAC Fundraiser for Bob Hertzberg



About Former Speaker Bob Hertzberg

Speaker Hertzberg served in the legislature from 1996-2002 and was unanimously chosen by both political parties to be the Speaker of the California State Assembly – the first Speaker in decades to be elected in such a bipartisan fashion.  Speaker Hertzberg is running to return to Sacramento as a State Senator representing the 18th District and it is anticipated that he will win the seat without  difficulty. In addition, he is expected to ascend to a leadership role during his tenure in the Senate.

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For more information, please contact Eve Bukowski at (916) 443-5576 or Contributions to this committee are not tax deductible. Contributions to Bob Hertzberg for Senate 2014 are limited to $4,100 per donor ($8,200 per small contributor committee) per election. Individual, business, corporate and PAC contributions are permissible.

Paid for by the California Healthcare Institute Political Action Committee