CHIPAC & BIOCOM Fundraiser for Assemblymember Shirley Weber



About Assemblymember Weber:

Assemblymember Shirley Weber was elected in November of 2013 and represents California’s 79th Assembly District encompassing much of San Diego and nearby communities. Weber Chairs the Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1, which focuses on Health and Human Services Issues, the Assembly Select Committee on Higher Education in San Diego County and the Assembly Select Committee on Campus Climate. She also serves on several Assembly Committees including: Education, Higher Education, Appropriations and Budget.

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For more information, please contact Jimmy Jackson ( or Eve Bukowski ( Contributions to this committee are not tax deductible. Contributions to Dr. Weber for State Assembly 2014 are limited to $4,100 per donor ($8,200 per small contributor committee) per election. Individual, business, corporate and PAC contributions are permissible. Paid for by Biocom PAC, 4510 Executive Dr, San Diego, CA 92121