Chief Medical Officer Summit West

The Chief Medical Officer Summit West will take place in San Francisco on November 4-5, 2013 at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco.

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For the first time, Chief Medical Officers at biotechs on the West Coast have their own conference thanks to the idea from Dr. Elizabeth Stoner, Managing Director, MPM Capital. Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, The Conference Forum, the organizer of the event, says, “We are grateful to Dr. Stoner’s idea for the conference and her insights into the unique challenges CMOs face every day at small to mid-size biotechs.”

CMO West is dedicated to accomplishing two goals:

1. To provide a forum to address the unique needs of Emerging Life Science Chief Medical Officers in de-risking drug development, selecting and managing CROs, leveraging capital to manage all R&D functions with limited resources, working more successfully with investors and strategizing for appropriate exits in the current environment.

2. To create a network of Life Science CMOs to form a community that can share ideas, solutions and support.

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The Role of a CMO in Emerging Life Science Companies
The role of a Chief Medical Officer is one that means many things to many people, and indeed is radically different depending on the type of organization in which a CMO works. For CMOs in early, emerging and even mid-size life science companies, the role can be an isolated one, but with all the responsibility for driving the clinical development and CRO management while meeting the needs of investors and positioning for an appropriate exit. Chief Medical Officers are playing an increasingly larger role in raising funding for their life science companies.

Who Should Attend
The conference is designed specifically for CMOs, but certainly Heads of R&D, Clinical Operations / Development / Outsourcing, and Vice Presidents of Medical Affairs would also greatly benefit from attending the program.  Clinical service providers and life science investors are encouraged to attend as conversations with CMOs are very much welcomed.

Use the code “CHI” and receive 25% off!

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